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Pros and Cons of Hendersonville, Tennessee

Pros and cons of Hendersonville


 Hendersonville is one of the most sought after suburbs in Middle Tennessee right now and for good reason. Hendersonville is  about 30 minutes north of Nashville with a population of a little over 60k residents. First off many celebrities have lived here over the years like Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson and even the late great Johnny Cash.  


Pro- City of Hendersonville is very well know as one of the nicest lake towns in Middle Tennessee. 

  Now it is known as the city by the lake.  That moniker is due to it being on 26 miles of Old Hickory Lake. But to be honest. No one ever calls it that unless your talking to outsiders or politicians. The town is filled with outdoor activities like fishing, boating, kayaking and many other water related activities. Plus you have many lakeside restaurants that feel like a retreat! 


Con- location/Traffic….main street Indian lake and  386/vietnam vets 


One of the biggest cons of Hendersonville Is the traffic! There are really three areas that You have to watch out for with the traffic. No matter where what time of the day it is Main Street or Johnny Cash Parkway is almost always busy as well as Indian Lake Blvd area.  But 386/Vietnam Veterans Blvd also gets alot of traffic in the morning and evening times. If you’re not aware Hwy 386 is the connecting highway to I-65 which would be how you get to Nashville. 


Pro- schools   One of the best things Hendersonville is know for is their school systems.  From their elementary schools there are many schools that are rated 8-9 out of 10 including Merrol Hyde Magnet School and Jack Anderson Elementary which is a STEM school. 


Middle School you are looking in good shape with many top ranked schools including T.W. Hunter Middle which is actually rated 10 out of 10! 


High Schools you have many great schools as well that are ranked in the top as well. So if you are looking for top notch schools for your kids than Hendersonville should definitely be on the top of you list. 


Con- Cost of living  Even with everything going on with interest rates going down Hendersonville home prices still went up 1.9% compared to last year with an average sales price at $505,000. Given that Hendersonville is one of the hottest areas to live in Middle Tennessee prices are obviously higher than the rest. Home prices in Hendersonville are around 15% higher than the national average.  However, between groceries, transportation, water, and electricity the cost of living is close to the same as the national average.  However, if your moving from a state that has state income tax the cost of living may be better here since Tennessee does not have a state income tax. 


Pro-safety-Another great appeal to the city of Hendersonville is that its one of the safest communities in Middle Tennessee. According to Hendersonville is 63% safer than the national average. And violent crime rates are even lower than that at .72 violent offenders per 1000 residents.


Pro growth/market   Like we just discussed, Hendersonville home prices continue to rise where others have fallen off a bit this year and that speaks volumes! Hendersonville is one of the fasting growing communities in the state for good reason. Hendersonville is only 18 miles from downtown Nashville and has 26 miles of shoreline on Old Hickory Lake. 


Pro- shopping.  Indian Lake/Glenbrook   There are many good areas for shopping in Hendersonville but there are 2 in particular that I would like to mention. 


  1. First there is The Streets of Indian Lake. This is a great area if your looking for shopping as well as restaurants to eat. You have great restaurants like “First Watch” which is a fantastic place for Breakfast or lunch “Jonathans” which has good american food. “Buffalo Wild Wings” which everyone loves eating wings and watching games or fights “Cheddars” I believe is one of my favorite places to eat. They have a wide variety of food, good healthy options and the environment is great as well.  But as far as shopping goes they have plenty of that as well. From Bath and Body works, Marshalls, Home Depot and best of all they have a Sam’s Club in the area. 

  2.  Also there is Glenbrook Shopping Center. This is a great area as well with many places to eat like Panera Bread, Gyros King and best of all “God’s chicken” Chik-Fil-A! And as far as shopping go this area is great for that as well like Shoe Carnival, Target, Kroger and even a Homegoods.


Con- weather      Our summer can get very hot but more than that it can be extremely humid!! I’m a big guy so if I take a step outside of my wonderful air condition I start to sweat before I take 5 steps!! However, the EXTREME summer weather is usually only about 6 weeks and the rest of the summer is quite enjoyable. But I will say our winters are actually fairly mild. 


Pro- family friendly. Tell you what, the amount of family friendly activities you can do in Hendersonville is unreal! Between bounce houses, trampoline parks, Hendersonville has fantastic Parks and playgrounds, there are also great kids clubs and family fun centers that are great for the whole family as well. 


Con- Mosquitos.   If your not used to mosquitos, they are definitely a pain in the butt!!  These little blood suckers come out once the weather is about 60 degrees in March and stay until it gets cold again, which is usually October. But there are ways to go around this, you can always get a pest control company to come in and help with the mosquito problem or you can always have thermacell with you. 


Pro-things to do 


 Hendersonville is very well know for the many things that you can do in the area.  One thing that a lot of people don't know about is you can actually attend for free at Huckabee Theater which is located in Hendersonville and heirs on TBN network Nashville.  This area for many years was formerly known as Twitty City and had a lot of history but now it is part of a last year audience for the Huckabee theater. This is a pretty fun thing to do, especially on a low budget. They usually have different newscasts, celebrity interviews, musical and comedy guests and more.


They're also a couple of very nice golf clubs in the area  First off you have Country Hills golf course which is a very beautiful 18 hole golf course that was opened in 1990.  And then there is a bluegrass yacht and golf club.  Now this is more of a premier private club that has fantastic golf, tennis and fine dining. They were founded only about 20 years ago but as host of a former plantation home with 100 acres this has turned into a full service club that members have included Reba McEntire Roy Orbison and Vince Gill among many others.


And obviously because it is a lake town you can rent a boat or use your own to live that lake life!  One of the biggest draws of Hendersonville is its outdoor recreation opportunities. Old Hickory Lake is a favorite spot for boating, fishings, and other water sports. Anchor High Marina is a popular destination for boaters and features a restaurant, boat rentals and a beach area. Drakes Creek Park is another favorite for locals, with hiking trails, a soccer complex and a playground. 


Now that you know some of the good and bad of Hendersonville I hope this helps you make the right decision on if this is a good town for you to live in. If you have any questions about any other towns or questions about Hendersonville please let me know.


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